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2019 Sino-German Workshop on “Current trends and challenges in aerogel development: production, modelling and applications”
The Sino-German workshop on aerogel development was held successfully on October 27-31 in Tongji University, Shanghai. The workshop was jointly organized by Prof. Jun SHEN from Tongji University and Prof. Irina SMIRNOVA from Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, and was financially supported by the Sino-German Center for Research Promotion. 25 distinguished scientists in the field of aerogels from China and Germany shared their recent research developments. Nearly 70 delegates from universities, scientific research institutions and related enterprises attended the workshop.
The workshop focused on the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of structure-properties relationships and on the technologies enabling the transfer of the synthesis to the larger scale without quality loss. During the workshop, the scientists shared the new achievements and experience in the modelling and applications of inorganic aerogels and new types of aerogels, as well as the expertise in production and research in silica and carbon aerogels. These exchanges will facilitate the transfer of the synthesis, processing and modelling methods between different aerogel types.
All the delegates had a round table discussion and shared the characterization and production methods of aerogels to improve the international standards for aerogel characterization, currently under developing in Germany. Based on the identified challenges and main know how of each partners, bilateral Sino-German projects will be initiated. This workshop provided a starting point for Sino-German scientific cooperation in the field of aerogels. Especially, young researchers from both countries were provided a chance to establish new cooperation with each other.
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